Pastor Patience Ajike Church Ministry Sunday 27 September 2020.


Come with me to the book of 2 Peter, vs 1 “Simon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ(amen) who through the righteousness of our God and saviour Jesus Christ have received a faith that is precious”

I thank God for allowing me to diction his glory this early hours of the morning.

I am already missing being able to preach it so you can watch me live preaching.

Trusting God and having faith, nothing is difficult for God when you ask for God to intervene but you have got to have faith (okwukwe).

Is God speaking through me this morning? amen indeed yes.

Am saying God you are so wonderful maker of heaven and earth thank you for today that is Sunday be thou glorified.

I was just saying God is wonderful that is because God is forgiving, but you know Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike i am not just going to talk about God with out giving him all the glory and all the worship i wanted to even offer my strongestsacrifice(Ajike) my whole life because i life for God. I love the book of Genesis but God is wonderful i want to thank him from Genesis to Revelation. Touching on Hebrew Chp 11 vs 30, “by faith the people passed through the red sea as on dry land but when the Egyptian’s tried to do so…

the fact here is that when you want God to bless you or do something good in your life, alright am righteous i don’t sin i don’t remember the fact that i have ever done anything ever wrong because i love God and i have always lived holy and the way God created me Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike to live for him. So, the fact that am very holy it gets me far in the eye’s of God. 

Am 22 years of age glory i don’t know about you but am very quick in achieving through God, amen, but focusing on my point when you want something it get’s to a point there is no way the first you don’t forget to say is God help me or i want the help of God, or pastor can you pray for me.

i don’t know how to live in a rut if i want something is good for me i have to think about myself here because i was created on my own amen i didn’t come into this world with nobody else but myself and even on Judgement day let me leave that topic for another day.

Fact am going to put a glory on my worldwide international ministry church that’s inside my worldwide hotel, my ministry church member’s want to come in and say a prayer receive healing, and so on but believe you me am saying God i thank you because am alive so i can keep worshipping and living for you but i want this when you want it to happen for me but really and truly whilst am still 22 would be wonderful but am talking how many of my ministry church alter so indeed i know is a process one by one.

However but their is this something i want God to do for me believe you me my faith(okwukwe) is stronger like , Ohafia or Jericho.

Thank you God

Pastor Ndidi Ajike

God bless don’t shy away from your offering and tithes amen. Your prayer request is also welcome. Go straight to the ministry website and proceed on your offering, tithes and prayer request .


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