Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike Church Ministry.

Amen, my 26 today and i have been working the whole day but i worship God, I love God Oh my diction has already been completed with my endless worship to God it being my birthday. If i wasn’t so full of of glory i would preach more but if i don’t quickly say a prayer then all of that am gifted from birth from God and am a pastor amen, In the name that is above all name in the name God, father God i say thank you today for the wonderful things you have done in my life and the life of my ministry church members and the best that is yet to come. God of most high King of Kings, God you that your sovereignty and royalty is of great measure. Let me pour my love all to you God. Thank you God.

I woke up this morning i said amen is my birthday am 26 years of age i was like am going to just get my love all to God in my ministry church. Then i thought one sec am 26 today 8 August let me give God all the Glory for that my WorldwideBank i invented by myself and my currency i invented all by myself when i was in that Roman Catholic Church kindergarten in the Igbo land a beautiful place i was jet lagged and i was 0 months in age and today as i preached i still allow all that stars and sunshine to reflect in my from birth eyes that are different beautiful colors as I can never forget that moment and my exceptional very different high sharp intelligence and knowledge. This morning i said am ready for the head office in Ohafia well if i can open at 8am, 15:00 hours quick enough as finishing the actual building quick enough.

Thank you God.

Pastor Ndidi Ajike

God bless don’t shy away from your offering and tithes amen. Your prayer request is also welcome. Go straight to the ministry website and proceed on your offering, tithes and prayer request .

I say a prayer of everlasting financial abundance to all that celebrated by 26 birthday with me today 8 August 2020 and also all those that celebrated my Eze-Nwany Patience Ajike on thrown 16 years and also those that celebrated uncountable that is 8 August, God i love you oh amen.

Thank God Amen

Pastor Ndidi Ajike