All the over 80 companies listed on this Ohafia Foreign Nations Association international holding corporations company Your Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Corporations Limited company website are owned and founded by The world sovereign, monarch, business magnate, business tycoon and entrepreneur. Your Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike of All Ohafia, All Abia State, All Nigeria, All Countries and All Nations that was born on the 8 of August 1994 at 15:00hrs Ugwunwa, Rina, Cathy, Katerina, Katie, Boudicca, Ann, Kate, Alexandria, Catherine, Ria, Aruka, Victoria, Katelin, Babylon, Ndidi, Jezebel, Patience: Surname: Ajike

Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Digital Pay 

Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike digital pay is an enterprise firm, with it you can send money to your loved ones, make business transactions payments, settle invoice payments and make payment to Ohafia and other countries and places around the world. Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Digital Pay should be active for clients as soon as possible.

Business Offices

Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike office address

Ohafia Nigeria, office

Egypt, office

Switzerland, office

Mauritius, office

USA, office