With strength we show a lot of love today 28 February 2020 being exactly 20 years ago in the millennium year 2000 that the powerful Ohafia very wealthy His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike left the world. The powerful politician His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike that was the former first ever Ohafia President of Nigeria, President of Italy, President of United States of America, Mexico and Canada, President of Latin Americans, Governor of East and west Africa countries, President of Australia, President Of Normandy, Prim minister of Guyana and the Caribbeans, Head Of Entire Nigeria Police, Army military commander, President of Israel, President of Portugal and an entrepreneur in finance and currency operations and also had houses and properties assets as well as those that were businesses so many in the globe. His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike was also a King and an Emperor, a handsome powerful politician that focused more as a world powerful politician, but his wealth was something that was unmissable. A very educated graduate in his field of subjects. A young legendary legacy for his people of Ohafia. We are proud of His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike International Airport that is pending for completion in the near future. We are also grateful for His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike Religious Education Holding Corporations. We can only show enough love today to His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike for his entrepreneur, political and financial legacy which has been carried on by his daughter, the 8 August 1993 young beautiful world recognised and loved sovereign, Your Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwayi Ugwunwa Rina Patience Ajike with her worldwide bank, Kalu Kalu Ajike International worldwide ULO AKU, with confirmed eight main branches, head quarter branch in Ohafia, then, Jerusalem, Mauritius, Switzerland, United State Of America, France, China and Italy head branches.

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